NFT Randomizer

NFT Randomizer 1.8 for Cinema4D

NFT Randomizer 1.8 for Cinema4D

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The NFT Randomizer plugin for Cinema4D is the ultimate tool for 3D content creators.

One major feature of the plugin is its ability to mix and match different 3D objects in a scene to generate unique combinations of attributes for each frame. This allows users to generate thousands of unique NFTs!

Another important feature of the plugin is the ability to set rarity weights for each attribute. This allows users to control how often certain attributes appear in their NFTs, making it easy to create NFTs with a specific look or feel.

Lastly, the plugin also has the ability to exclude certain attribute combinations to avoid visual conflicts. This means that users can prevent certain attributes from appearing together, ensuring that their NFTs look polished and professional.

Overall, the NFT Randomizer plugin for Cinema4D is a must-have tool for any 3D content creator looking to add variety and originality to their work.

Plugin informations

NFT Randomizer is a plugin used to generate random combinations between several elements of your Cinema4d scene. You can set the rarity of each attribute of your NFTs, and also exclude certain combinations of attributes! The attributes of each image are then written in a JSON file containing all the metadatas. Tested on Cinema4d versions R23 to R26.

Here the tutorial

How to use

1 - Install The Plugin

First, install the plugin by downloading it and placing it in the plugin folder of your Cinema4d software. You can then access it from the "extension" tab of the software.

2 - Set the rarity

Arrange your different 3d elements in categories. Place them preferably in neutral objects. For example, all your objects representing the category "hats" in a neutral object named "hats". Name your objects carefully because the names will be used in the metadata json. PLACE THE PROBABILITY (OR WEIGHT) OF OCCURRENCE OF EACH OBJECT AS THE FIRST CHILD OF EACH OBJECT. EXAMPLE: 0.5 FOR "PURPLE HAT". More explanations here.

3 - Excluded Combinations

You can also place a neutral that you will call "excluded" at the second position (below the weight) with as child all combinations of NFTs with which you do not want your attribute to be mixed in the form of neutral "category:attribute".

More explanations here.

4 - Generate your NFTs

Finally, you just have to place each of your categories in the window of your NFT Randomizer extension and press the "Generate Random Combinations" button. Now your NFTs are generated on each frame of your C4D scene, you can retrieve your metadata file at the root of the project or copy them directly with the "Copy JSON results" button!

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